Blue Diamond Family

America's Design-Build Pioneers. The Story Of Success. 

Building America's Heritage

Stanley Gladych

Stanley Gladych, an uncle of Maxwell Rucker, owner and president of Blue Diamond Group Of Companies, was one of the finest contemporary architects, who studied in Liverpool, Great Britain, and London.
He began his career while working for Skidmore, Owings and Merin Architecture Bureau as an assistant to Walter Netsch, a major projector of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado.
The construction of a new city filtration plant for the City of Chicago, one of his most successful achievements, led to more important projects. He authored Chicago's O'Hare Airport and one of the city's downtown architectural landmarks, the First National Bank Building.
He also constructed the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Headquarters in Washington, D.C. at Pennsylvania Avenue. Among his numerous contributions to Polonian institutions, Gladych planned the Copernicus Civic Center in Chicago, Illinois. 

Serving Texas Since 1900 

James W.Rucker

 The Rucker family tree is closely intertwined with the history of construction in Central Texas. Back in the 1900’s, Blue Diamond Group Of Companies' owner and president Maxwell Rucker's great-grandfather James W. Rucker with two brothers were general contractors and builders here. Maxwell's great-granduncle Charles was also a contractor on the Mansfield/Marshall Ford Dam.
In 1916 James W. Rucker started his own design/build business in Elgin, Texas. He built churches, schools and homes there, even some oil derricks
A few of his homes still stand in Elgin.
In 1933 James W. Rucker's work was continued by his nephew Vernon Taylor who moved the family business to Austin, Texas 
In 1976 James W. Rucker's grandson, Richard Rucker, continued the family business in Austin, Texas. 

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